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Full automatic taping machine
  • SY-1601 Automatic hardware sheet tape machine

    The precision vibration disc is fast, the rotating disk structure, the material, the appearance detection simultaneously, the efficiency is high.
    Each product is determined by image detection and direction, and the detection is more accurate to ensure the appearance quality.
    High automation, with a set of automatic cutting belt, easy to operate, one person can see multiple devices at the same time.
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  • SY-1904SMD electronic component tape machine

    The positioning mechanism is accurate, small noise and responsive.
    Optional marking test and appearance inspection station.
    Optional test classifications.
    Auto troubleshooting, automatic cutting, realize one person can see multiple devices at the same time.

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  • SY-1903 pipe mounted automatic taping machine

    Optional tube loading or vibration pan automatic feeding.
    Can put multiple feeding tube, greatly reduce the feeding frequency.
    The servo motor controls the positioning precision and solves the problem of high failure rate and high maintenance cost.
    With high performance CCD imaging system, ensure the quality of braided tape.
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  • Component inspection and tape machine

    Equipment function: test marking, counting, checking the appearance of products, automatic sensing feeding, automatic cutting and cutting, automatic troubleshooting, knitting products divided into positive and negative, divided into reverse.
    Equipment configuration: vibration disk, PLC+ touch screen, CCD image detection system, imported accessories, fiber optic sensing, precise positioning mechanism, large capacity hopper.
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