Stock code:834220

SY-1802 High speed test sorter
Applicable parts: smd-led, EMC, ceramic cap, RGB0606, infrared 2835, uv 3535 and other materials.
Equipment function: automatic feeding, intelligent sorting.
Model: SY - 1802
Size: 1400 * 850 * 1700 mm
Weight: 300 kg
Capacity: 60K/H (different material speed is different, actual speed is based on material)
Feeding mode: automatic feeding
Pressure: 0.5 MPa
Power: 800 w
Automatic removal of faults and automatic cleaning.
High contact force probe, high insulation probe pedestal, testing precision and stability, applicable to many kinds of materials.
The circular vibration and vibration automatic feeding, automatic polarity rotation row, pneumatic blowing.
The design of the unique feeding material, no obstruction, no scratch, no debris.