Stock code:834220

SY-1903 pipe mounted automatic taping machine
Applicable parts: IC, SOP8, SOP16, TSOP, optical coupling, etc.
Equipment function: automatic loading, 3D check, marking, test, braid etc.
Model: SY - 1903
Size: 840 * 1710 * 1240 mm
Weight: 300 kg
Capacity: 35K/H (different materials speed, actual speed is based on material)
Feeding mode: automatic feeding
Pressure: 0.5 MPa
Power: 800 w
Optional tube loading or vibration pan automatic feeding.
Can put multiple feeding tube, greatly reduce the feeding frequency.
The servo motor controls the positioning precision and solves the problem of high failure rate and high maintenance cost.
With high performance CCD imaging system, ensure the quality of braided tape.