Stock code:834220

Component inspection and tape machine
Applicable parts: SOT, SOD, crystal vibration, resistance, capacitance, inductance, connectors, triode, light touch switch, etc.
Speed: 30K/H.
Equipped with large capacity storage hopper, automatic sensing and feeding, avoid frequent feeding, and have a defragmental network.
With high speed color CCD image detection system, double detection materials, ensure the quality of braided tape.
High automation, automatic troubleshooting, automatic cutting and so on, the maximum range improves production efficiency and reduce manual operation, so that one person can see multiple devices simultaneously.
Vibration disc: the front end of the track is specially optimized to ensure the reliable separation of materials.
Positioning mechanism: adopt maeda control, precise, small noise, responsive.
Equipment function: test marking, counting, checking the appearance of products, automatic sensing feeding, automatic cutting and cutting, automatic troubleshooting, knitting products divided into positive and negative, divided into reverse.
Equipment configuration: vibration disk, PLC+ touch screen, CCD image detection system, imported accessories, fiber optic sensing, precise positioning mechanism, large capacity hopper.