Stock code:834220

SY-1902 Taping Packaging Machine
Applicable parts: smd-led: 0606, 1010, 2525, 2835, 7070, etc.
Equipment function: automatic feeding, polarity test, automatic feeding, automatic counting, etc.
Model: SY - 1902
Size: 840 * 1240 * 1710 mm
Weight: 473 kg
Capacity: 60K/H (different material speed is different, actual speed is based on material)
Feeding mode: automatic feeding
Pressure: 0.5 MPa
Power: 750 w
Polarity test, CCD check, reverse installation, no inversion, no leakage, 100% quality products.
The concave convex wheel driving machine has high testing accuracy, high stability, high efficiency and low noise.
PLC control system, easy to learn, easy to operate, accurate count.
Automatic troubleshooting, automatic belt cutting, to achieve a single person can see more than one Taiwan device.