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SUNYILG: a series of automation equipment will be displayed at the 2014 high-tech LED lighting exhibition

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As the second half of this year the domestic LED the largest and strongest professional exhibition, 2014 high LED lighting fair in guangzhou on September 26-28 pazhou Canton fair exhibition hall held successfully, shenzhen trinity united light automation equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "trinity united light") exhibited SMD series high speed braiding machine and high speed test separator and other equipment.
SUNYILG LED automation equipment technology research and development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises, professional r &d and production testing and classification, braiding SMD LED equipment, and have two 12 patents of utility model patents and appearance.
The relevant person in charge of trinity united light said, through constant technological innovation, the company produced by the SMD automatic classification equipment with high speed and high speed braiding equipment, has reached the international advanced technology level, SUNYI brand in the industry also has been a minor celebrity.
According to the introduction, the maximum speed of the SY1902 series SMD high-speed braiding machine can reach 48K/H, and also equipped with high speed color CCD image detection system, double detection material, and ensure the quality of the braided belt. The number of preset number of presets can be set in advance, and the load belt will be automatically cut off when the number of the preset is completed.
The SMD high speed braiding machine on display at trinity
SY - 1802 series SMD high-speed test separator is 36 k/H, maximum speed under five high-capacity rapid material BIN, intelligent BIN technology, realizing non-stop will quickly BIN material, improve the production efficiency.
In addition, both products are equipped with large-capacity storage hopper and built-in double clastic screen. Full automation, and can troubleshoot automatically, maximize production efficiency and reduce manual operation; Special optimization of the front end of the needle track ensures reliable separation of materials; Positioning test mechanism motor control, precise, small noise, more sensitive response.
The researchers said, "the company's internal always upholds the concept of 'continued good manufacturing equipment, continuous innovation, with stable, high-speed equipment and quality and efficient services, has won numerous high recognition packaging manufacturer." In addition, the company also has its own OEM workshop, which can master product information in time and accelerate product optimization and upgrading.