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Efficiency in the first SUNYILG automation service to play "simple" CARDS

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On July 29, the 4th China electronic equipment industry fair (and the first China intelligent equipment fair in shenzhen convention and exhibition center grand opening, shenzhen trinity united light automation equipment co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "trinity united light") exhibited series separator and fist products such as braiding machine.
Sany is a high-tech enterprise integrating technology research and development, production, sales and service, specializing in the production of SMD LED test classification, braid and other equipment. With continuous innovation and research and development, the SMD automatic high-speed classification equipment and high speed braid equipment have reached the international leading technology level. SUNYI brand is already representative in the industry.
The traditional braiding machine has the nozzle design, which often occurs in the work. The company launched the sy-1902 series SMD high-speed braiding machine, which broke through the conventional design of traditional braiding machine, and developed a new type of braiding machine with a new nozzle, according to the general manager of the company. "It does not need to suck the mouth, can realize the whole process without dropping material, avoid mix material, increased the effective capacity, the highest speed can reach 50K/h."
In addition, the company launched SY4 series online testing machine for the whole plate LED test, used for proofing or quantity antenatal quality control, which can select automatic test which row or column, product or standard lamp placed is convenient, simple operation, different models or stent can be Shared.
According to the introduction, in the current domestic equipment market fierce price competition against the background, the sales of trinity light will maintain more than 30% annual growth rate.
Trinity light sy-1902 series high speed braiding machine
For most manufactur-based industries, the following three stages are generally experienced: the first stage is the technology and market dominance, and the enterprise is rapidly occupying the market. The second stage is capital oriented, capital utilization ability; And the third stage is the cost of labor, the efficiency and labor cost reduction.
Fan Yibiao pointed out that the current LED packaging industry has entered the third stage, the human cost is higher and higher, the machine will play a more important role, the efficiency and the degree of automation equipment, will become the key to compete.
Trinity united light is committed to the idea of "building automation of modern service industry", the company look for the "simple" is the core of technology research and development, customer don't have clear internal works, they want the equipment can do concise easy to operate.
Trinity light sy-1802 series high speed test separator
In the aspect of design, the company adopts the streamlined design of the high-end automobile, which is not only beautiful but also ergonomic, to achieve optimal operation comfort. In addition, the internal precision of the equipment adopts more precise processing work, giving the operator a simple and clear debug window.
At present, the company, whether it is a light machine or a braiding machine, can realize one person can operate more than 10 devices, and a person can operate 50 units after the future of networking, he said.
However, for the future development of the equipment manufacturing enterprise, sany believes that only the maximum reduction of manual operation, the improvement of equipment production efficiency is the future basis of manufacturing enterprises.