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The twelfth high industrial LED industrial peak BBS

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With LED lighting, LED upper middle reaches a rapid development trend, indirect pull with the matching equipment factory orders surge.
High LED industry research institute (GLII) statistics show that China's LED industry scale of production in the second quarter of 2014 reached 81.99 billion yuan, 28.7% over the previous year, in the second quarter of the LED industry as a whole for the first quarter of good development momentum. In particular, the output value of the LED upstream chip industry reached 2.47 billion yuan in the second quarter, and the output value of the LED package industry was 13.84 billion yuan, and the output value of the downstream LED application industry reached 565.9 billion yuan. In the first half of 2014, the total output value of China's LED industry reached 156.55 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.2%.
The "small apple" may use the good news of sapphire screen, this year many sapphire manufacturers choose to expand production. According to preliminary estimates in the industry, the mobile phone market will give the LED industry 7-8 times demand.
"Our sapphire and crystal furnace sales are growing at least 50 percent this year." Xue lei, assistant general manager of yunfeng new energy, told high tech LED that the growth was driven by the rapid growth of the LED industry, as well as the pull of consumer electronics.
According to the reporter, the market share of domestic equipment increased obviously this year, especially in the sapphire long crystal furnace, etching machine and other market segments. For the packaging equipment manufacturers, facing the formidable rival ASM, the pressure of competition seems to be still high.
"Our growth this year has been steady growth, thanks mainly to the expansion of the cover plant." Hangzhou, the managing director of Marketing Department told reporters.
Indeed, the price war between domestic equipment manufacturers has become more intense under pressure from foreign manufacturers' aggressive price reduction strategies. It is very clear that the equipment manufacturers are not increasing their profits. Some manufacturers are not only lowering their prices for survival, but also by stretching the payment days and other ways to rob customers. Other manufacturers have to use this approach to keep their customers, and eventually the formal market is completely disrupted.
According to Dr. Zhang xiaofei, the chairman of the high tech LED company, the revenue of packaging equipment companies will not be limited to 100 million yuan, and they will always lose money because of the r&d investment and sales expenses.
"This year we are still taking a differentiated route, shunning price wars and taking quality and technology to bring more market value to our customers." "He said.
This year, LED show high microelectronics, north Yun feng in the new energy, the trinity united light, teng sheng photoelectric control glue, achieves automation, ChengXiong auroras, hui to automation, business parthers laser equipment manufacturers with the latest equipment product appearance completely LED show.
According to the director of the organizing committee of the LED lighting exhibition, the preparation work of the exhibition is progressing smoothly, and the number of domestic and overseas professional buyers has surpassed the previous one.
In the same period, the "twelfth high industrial LED industry peak BBS" has been held. The BBS besides theme BBS, encapsulation also has special lamps and lanterns and light channel assembly, strive to a new stage, in-depth industry development the enterprise brand marketing challenges, and help enterprises to better understand customer needs, the preventive maintenance and sublimation of supply chain partnership.