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LED capital darling "industry + capital" mode is in a good way

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Recently, LED industry is becoming A hot spot of capital circle again, mitsuo aurora listed stock purchase, the new three board enterprise achieving electronic switch board success a-shares, light wood Tomlinson acquisition lande Vance, wuzheng joining trillion chi master. The hot spot of WeChat circle of LED people has been linked to refresh, and even the initial public offering of RMB 2.18 billion yuan in green lighting has not become a popular hotspot.
LED has become capital "favorite"
As LED the development of strategic emerging industries, the LED quickly became the capital world web celebrity, a batch of state-owned enterprises, listed companies actively layout, guang sheng successively in the foshan lighting, the starlight electric, furistock electronic hand sharp photoelectric, source lei technology, fila ShenAn sound acquisition of Beijing and so on a series of mergers and acquisitions.
Compared with the IPO running of companies such as sanxiong, the merger and acquisition cooperation with listed companies has not been a quick way for enterprises to take off the capital. Dazzle dazzle photoelectric marriage in 2016 to recognize on the science and technology, to realize the chairman Zhao Yutao, said companies had listed separately in a planned way, then based on the adjustment of national policy, in listed companies on the science and technology, in the "made in China 2025" big strategic level, the two sides cooperation hit it off.
In 2017, the display will form the division of light and ribbon, the new energy division of lithium electricity, the intelligent equipment division, and the automation division four wheel drive. It is understood that in the field of spectral machine and braiding machine occupies the half, after the dazzle of masters in the industrial age, 4.0 the lighting automation production line as the new breakthrough, is part of the equipment of the order's schedule to June this year.
LED capital darling "industry + capital" mode is in a good way
The "industry + capital" model is getting better
Sharp photoelectric, the LED display enterprise established after the 80, be furistock electronic since the merger of state-owned enterprises and enterprises develop rapidly become one of the top ten display domestic enterprises, just a few short years contributing to the listed company profit of about 100 million yuan.
On March 7, meirui photoelectric became the vice President of shenzhen lighting and display engineering industry association. This is also this year after leishi photoelectric, miu photoelectric, the association added another vice President unit.
Wallace, general manager of sharp Chen Zebo, said Michael sharp is a young enterprise, we hope to build a brand image of the youth, energy, science and technology, innovation, design to launch this year of "wireless link" UTV1.25 small spacing screen, 5 seconds disassembling rental display screen is the best interpretation.
The "industry + capital" mode has gradually become a better place, according to zhao fei, secretary general of shenzhen city lighting and display engineering industry association. Capital is transforming the industry towards intensive and large-scale transformation. Taking the members of the association as an example, the growth rate of listed enterprises and new three board enterprises has grown at an average annual rate of nearly 40% in recent years, well above the average growth rate of the industry. The company has become a leading enterprise in the market segment by cooperating with listed companies on the platform of the listed companies. The power of capital is not to be underestimated.
LED industries run on the road
Recently, leishi lighting, joined jd, launched a pan-household product for young consumers, and started the global ipo on the Beijing dongping platform. Industry + finance + Internet, leishi lighting injection into Internet gene. According to zhou xinyuan, general manager of home decoration department of the apparel and household division of jingdong mall, the sales growth of jingdong furniture products has increased by more than 100 percent each year, and the growth rate of lighting products is especially high. This also led to its cooperation with leishi lighting.
The LED industry is running on the road, with reshi, op, wood linson, fei le acoustics and SAN 'an photoelectric, which company will be the first to reach the revenue of 10 billion yuan?
Will it be a disrupter
Who broke first? Don't forget that there is still a sign. Because wu zhengzhe comes. With the announcement of a stake in the company, "zhaochi lighting will be set up", the news quickly exploded the LED lighting industry.
Under the situation of the increasing concentration of the LED industry, the industry "oligarchy" mode is becoming more and more obvious. At this time, the zhaochi share reestablish zhaochi lighting, can the industry synergistic effect grow bigger today to break 10 billion? We'll see!