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The 19th China international photoelectric exposition opened in shenzhen in 2017

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The biggest and the most influential and authoritative photoelectric professional exhibition - 19th annual China international optoelectronic exposition (hereinafter referred to as: CIOE China light expo) on September 6, grand opening in shenzhen convention and exhibition center. The four-day event, which focuses on photoelectric related products and applications, invites the industry to witness the event together.

Market segmentation brings new demand and innovation to promote development
At present, the optoelectronics industry is the fastest growing field in the global semiconductor industry and dominates the development of the industry. With the global photoelectric market doubling every year, the development momentum of the semiconductor industry could be further strengthened. Strong dynamics within the industry, especially those catering to energy efficiency, have LED to innovations in photon integration, image sensors, leds and other optoelectronic devices. Along with several other major technical developments, professional market research believes that the global optoelectronic market will maintain a high growth rate between 2016 and 2024.
The upgrading of consumer electronics leads to the massive demand of the lens module and infrared light source. An unmanned vehicle assistant driving and cause the investment boom in the field of laser radar and cameras, emerging applications and the rise of emerging market demand for the photoelectric product produced exponentially. For the first time, CIOE has set up three theme Tours for mobile phones, cars and data centers. Each tour route is directly reflected by the selected enterprises and products, making your visit more accurate, more convenient, and more effective!
In addition with the implementation of the national development strategy of civil-military integration, to promote the development of military and civilian integration industry, the exhibition site for the first time held "2017 photoelectric civil-military integration of science and technology conference," by the military to adopt for entry qualification and enterprise as the theme, invite equipment development, and the central military commission of the central military commission of logistics security and defense science, technology and industry experts to serve as a guest speaker, from the policy of national big, photoelectric and civil-military integration to dive into the civil-military integration trend and demand, and invited four to six army equipment procurement evaluation experts to do site review, positive interaction with the roadshow enterprises, provide constructive Suggestions and guidance, let more enterprises to participate in military and civilian integration.
6 major theme exhibition + 1 optoelectronic technology innovation pavilion platform cross-boundary integration to win the future
With the growing of emerging markets, the demand of the industry keeps increasing. Only with certain foresight and judgment in market development, can we win business opportunities and seize market opportunities. CIOE in 2017 China light expo period AD hoc 6 big theme exhibition and photoelectronic innovation pavilion, 1 total exhibition area of 11 square meters, gathered from more than 30 countries and regions, 1600 photovoltaic enterprises and 1600 excellent photoelectric brand exhibition, more than 60000 professional visitors and buyers. In the four-day exhibition, excellent optical communication equipment suppliers and devices, systems integrators, operators, precision optics, laser and infrared, LED manufacturing company will bring together under the same "roof", resource sharing in full, in various fields of mutual penetration, cross-border integration thinking collision.
Exhibitors will be able to visit the world without going abroad.
Optical communication exhibition: it is the most complete optical communication industry chain in China, as well as in the asia-pacific business purchase, display, technology and academic exchange platform, such as mitsubishi electric, Viavi, SCHOTT, Macom, EXFO, SENKO, Photop, Semtech, Ilsintec, SUSS, kyocera, solectron, a noble, deco, hisense, core citrix, shi jia science and technology, yofc, CST, three-ring, prosper, hair, stern chi. Shanghai yangan, baovision tong and other well-known enterprises participated in the exhibition, as well as the New York state joint exhibition, Germany and other countries.
2017, CIOE blockbuster make laser technology and intelligent manufacturing exhibition], [fine focus on laser processing, innovative applications, focused laser technology in the electronic manufacturing, integrated circuits, communications, medical, energy, innovative applications in the field of automatic driving etc. Well-known enterprises have Newport, quick, coherent, but put, wuhan chutian industrial laser, laser, jie it era, Beijing Kipling, wuhan game phil, fujian fu jing science and technology, wuhan lingyun, photoelectric institute, Chinese academy of sciences, and other enterprises.
Infrared technology and application exhibition: infrared giant gathered, a comprehensive display of infrared materials, devices, equipment and application of products, some well-known enterprises have: Ophir made, FLIR, ULIS, Thorlabs, Thales, PI, Hamamatsu, science and technology, China north industries group, SaTe infrared, hikvision, outside of magenta, Scott infrared, blue teck, etc.
Exhibition of precision optical lens and camera module ZuZhan: is Asia's biggest and most influential optical professional exhibition, by ShunYu optics, lida photoelectric, phoenix optical light photoelectric optical, chengdu, chengdu, China jing hua, panasonic, leica, etta, ford, lianchuang electronics companies such as support, and South Korea, Taiwan, shangrao economic and technological development zone, xi 'an northern photoelectric pavilion neat appearance, etc.
The technology of LED technology and semiconductor manufacturing technology (LED technology and semiconductor manufacturing process) has been brought together in the field of LED technology and semiconductor manufacturing. It also brings together the sapphire and touch screen industrial chain of China sapphire and touch exhibition. In the form of "exhibition stage" open up new "mobile phone camera/biometric area, all-round display mobile phone camera module industry chain and the AR/VR technology and related products, biometric industry chain of new products, new materials and new technology; Qiang qiang teamed up with ai to build "3D glass/ceramic processing zone". Companies like saint-gobain group, the world industrial group one of the top 100 industrial groups, and companies such as risheng-tech, auride, and sebel have participated in the exhibition.
2017 [CIOE photoelectron technology innovation pavilion] for more scientific research institutes and start-up support, such as bao li, HuaTa light research, a visual scene, and a new horizon, raindance optics, precision instruments, new, xing, known as the photoelectric, anshan branch companies such as, at the same time, the Chinese academy of sciences in xi 'an optical precision machinery research institute, cas suzhou institute of biomedical engineering, chongqing green intelligent technology research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, Chinese academy of sciences, shenzhen institute of advanced technology, changchun university of science and technology, shenzhen university and other relevant scientific research institutes, colleges and universities are also given to help. There are 20-30 military and civilian integration of civilian enterprises with technology and new products.