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SUNYILG 2016 Annual meeting will end successfully

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2017year1month14day,In the afternoon, Shenzhen 31 light intelligent equipment Limited by Share Ltd2016Year-end summary and recognition of the general assembly, in the 31 Lianguang activity room successfully held. The meeting on "team sharing sharing, passion achievements dream" as the theme, 31 people and guests gathered together to celebrate the Spring Festival.

   31 family members gathered to celebrate the Spring Festival

Mr. Wang Zhenbo, deputy general manager of the company, extended cordial greetings and best wishes for the new year to all the staff of 31. Mr. Feng birch, general manager, reviewed2016The major achievements are achieved, and the various departments of the company to pay to give full affirmation and encouragement. The leadership of the company site for the outstanding staff awarded prizes in years, everyone as they offer the most sincere blessings and warm applause.

       General manager Mr. Feng Baihua reviewed 2016

                         Excellent staff sharing
This year will provide a stage to show themselves as employees, 31 people brought dizzying performance, we show all show enthusiasm for innovation, a team of 31 people, and the comprehensive quality of passion style 31 employees higher. With another round of draw off years continuously will be the climax of the awards, the company leadership and staff family interaction, sweepstakes, wonderful singing performances, singing, applause, cheers in meeting waves.

                               Staff performance program《 The Legend of Zhen Huan》

The whole year will come to a successful conclusion in a harmonious, warm and joyous atmosphere2016,Ushered in the hope of2017Looking forward to the new year, the 31 light will continue to consolidate and strengthen the existing base and position in the light distribution belt industry, continue to explore and innovate, and continue to create greater value for customers with intelligent equipment

                               At the end of the party, 31 people posed for pictures

                        31 families posed for pictures

The new year, a new starting point, let us hand in hand with each other, together to create 31 United light beautiful tomorrow!